Babe Mabel

Newborn Baby Girl - 14 Days New

Babe Mabel was sweet & calm, & nursing quietly when I first arrived.

The Kitch’s house was light & airy, up top one of the beautiful hills in Cow Hollow, the sun streaming in the large windows.  There were eclectic handmade pieces from their wedding, shelves of loved books & timeless photos & paintings of one another adorning their space.  I’m sure both Zoe & Bryan were a bit more tired than the weeks before their little babe arrived, but they both were warm & glowing.  Bryan told me he loved when Mabel yawned because it made her appear even tinier than she already was.  It did, & was adorable.  She was tracking & soaking us all in with these big deep blue eyes.  They took me over to the Presidio along part of their normal weekend hike.  Zoe knit the beautiful yellow blanket they wrapped Mabel in when we wandered over. We could see Lover’s Lane from the ecology trail & even got a little further into the mature forest of green ground cover & massively tall pine, cypress, & eucalyptus trees. They laughed, they snuggled, they adored & it was glorious to be a part of this very special time.

Thank you Kitchs for inviting me into your home.

I love documenting real moments along the way, if you are expecting & would like to cherish these beautiful times, please reach out! (:

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