Babe Trajen

Adoptive Little Boy - 30 Months New

Thunder is the sky singing to us.

Trajen was stomping in all the puddles, running up & down the trails & initiating mini games of hide & seek all throughout our session.  There was a storm a brewin’ & up above through the trees we could hear the crackling of the thunder rolling by.  Those are big sounds to a toddler & Trajen would stop in his tracks to hear it’s roar.  At first the little guy was folding his ear down, imitating what he’d seen others do to hear more clearly, not realizing he was in fact doing the opposite.  Mom & dad helped him to make a cup around his ear to catch more sound waves & his eyes lit right up.  Mom also brought bubbles!  Although the men in the family struggled to blow the bubbles, dad was an expert catcher & would put them into his pockets for Trajen to find.  After so many giggles & shoes full of mud, Trajen rode out in style on dad’s shoulders & into the storm’s full force to head back home.

Thank you Wobker’s for inviting me to play in the woods with you!

I love documenting real moments along the way, if you are expecting or want to set a play date with your family to cherish these beautiful times, please reach out! (:

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