Old Navy Active Team

Mission Bay - Play at Work

Bright, fun & alive. This is Old Navy.

A family company that prides themselves on a classic, inclusive, everyday style. They also aim to keep this alive in their company culture. They have off-site field trips & fun company events on the regular. Play at work is something ON Communications Manager Kimberly Grant, really aims to bring to the campus.

This afternoon was aimed at getting the Active Design Team outside to play. Kimberly set up stations for the group to rotate through & gave them props to play with. She encouraged their togetherness & playful attitudes. They went through yoga routines & threw balls back & fourth. They were all smiles & a great representation of spirited Old Navy energy.

The photos were then blown up onto banners to hang in their headquarter’s common areas. All of the employees that so often see their brand ambassadors & models emitting that Old Navy sparkle, now get to walk by their co-workers bright, infectious personas. Play at work is now encouraged on the regular.

Big time credit to all the great humans involved!

Planning & Concept Design: Kimberly Grant
Photography: Lindsey Denman Photography
Models: Old Navy Active Team

A big cheers to everyone making this such an incredible day!

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