Babe Greta

Newborn Baby Girl - 15 Days New

Little babe Greta & family are pure sunshine.

Their home, warm & inviting, their windows large & pouring in light, & their plants stretching long & green. When I strolled in, babe Greta was chillin’ with her gorgeous mother Hilary, nursing as peaceful as ever. As soon as I took my lens cap off, Greta’s eyes were tracking my pretty glass toy. A couple of arm flexes here & there, a sneeze or 12, & a ton of eyebrow-raised, scrunched-up, smiley faces were all the temper she gave me. Hilary & Nathan cooed at her & talked with her about all of the fun places that they would explore during her lifetime. They suggested Iceland, Italy, maybe even a trip to France. They laughed with one another & teased Greta about her 80s dad hair. This gorgeous newborn, has been invited into this world with nothing but love, light & laughter. What a beautiful place to start.

Thank you Davis’ for inviting me into your home.

I love documenting real moments along the way, if you are expecting & would like to cherish these beautiful times, please reach out! (:

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