Mama Kaajal

Baby Shower - New Babe Boy

Kaajal was beautiful and beaming, as were the plethora of friendly family and friends that surrounded her for her baby shower.

As each guest arrived, they were given a small plastic binky on a clothespin and prohibited from speaking the word “baby” for the party’s duration. If someone caught them uttering the banned word, that person could take all of the perpetrator’s binkies & the name of the game was to collect the most. If you made friends with all of the 10-year-olds, then you really had a chance to win that one! (;

Their guests were asked to bring a book rather than a card as to begin building the new family’s library for their little munchku. People signed their names and wrote words of inspiration inside the covers. There were nursery rhymes that matched with everything. “I’m a Little Tea Pot” was written next to the chai tea, “Pat-a-Cake Pat-a-Cake” was written next to the cupcakes, & “The Thirsty Crow” was written next to the libations. There were newborn onesies laid out on a table where guests were encouraged to guess the new baby boy’s name. They played a baby bottle apple juice chugging game & also held a race simulating what it’s like to use the bathroom as a preggo lady. The competitors had balloons in their shirts & ran with ping pong balls held between their knees as they tried to drop the ball into the end cup. There was a guessing game for the size of Kaajal’s tummy, & there was time given to write advice for the newly expecting parents. They even made time for a game of baby word bingo!

The whole event was jam-packed with engaging activities & warm mingling. Kaajal & her family topped off the shower by gifting each attendee with a beautiful candle. Their request was simple: “Burn this light on the night once the stork has made his flight. With a flicker of the flame please say a prayer in Munchku’s name.”

Thank you Agnanis & Launganis &  for inviting me to celebrate.

I love documenting real moments along the way, if you are expecting & would like to cherish these beautiful times, please reach out! (:

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