Schoos Family

Bonnie & Matt + Evelyn, Beatrix & Atticus

They went home with a signed golden volleyball.

I couldn’t deny these little rascals a prize after all their great pose ideas, genuine smiles & stellar cooperation throughout their session!  Ice cream was actually the real motivator, but I know Evelyn had her eye on that golden volleyball all the while!  I told her that if she autographed her’s & her sibling’s names, she could keep it as a trophy.  Atticus loves Avengers & Transformers & wants to play baseball like his dad, Beatrix is a violinist & gymnast, & Evelyn crushes at soccer & volleyball.  They do it all.  The three of them are bubbly, eager & polite.  They are quick to care & so much fun to be around; they definitely take after mom & dad.  After they quietly searched for my scaredy-cat kitten & gently gave her kisses, they each told me they loved me & each individually thanked me.  My heart was full up.

Thank you Schoos Family for coming over the mountains to let me capture your silliness!

I love documenting real moments along the way, if you are due for family photos or expecting & would like to cherish these beautiful times, please reach out! (:

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